About Us

Sustainability  - Waste Reduction - Innovation

The beginnings of Waiora came about after our own endeavours to cut out plastic from our own daily life, and quickly finding this a costly and time consuming task. There were makers and products out there, but finding and purchasing them took time and individual shipping costs made it an expensive pursuit. 

Like so many others, we want to use less plastic, we want to support companies and industries that are making efforts to source their materials ethically and sustainably. But like many, we had limited time as consumers to look in depth into the sourcing of such a range of everyday items, and more crucially, a limited budget to cover these lifestyle changes. 

As a result, through Waiora we are aiming to make this change easier and more cost effective for others. Our core values are as follows: 

- To extensively research into each and every product to make sure we are offering you what we think is the best within its field to be using as a plastic alternative. We make efforts to check the sourcing of materials used in each product. 

- To minimise the overall environmental impact of each product throughout its lifecycle from manufacturer through to eventual disposal or recycling. Where possible we have picked up products personally from the distributor or manufacturer, and we send all orders in recyclable/recycled packaging. 

- To champion and promote innovation and creativity within the field of sustainability, from manufacturers primarily within the UK.